Start your own kitchen consulting business in 3-4 months. Start taking clients in 6 months and making $1OO,OOO/year without going to college or getting a contractors license.

If you love design, want to help women create their dreams and want to try working for yourself….then this course is for you. Learn my unique and winning strategy based on my successful book, Kitchen Love Story. You will learn my proven method to quickly and easily transform kitchens that clients hate into kitchens that they love (and tell all their friends). Over 20 years I worked out the best system to fix the most common problems in kitchens and work with average families. So if you love the thought of a career being creative, using your hands to dive into design and use all kinds of materials, schedule your own time, be your own boss then this is the opportunity for you.

Over the course of 5 months, you will get access to our online course that will walk you through exactly every step you need to create a 3 page business plan. Focused, precise and detailed it will allow you to actually start your very own business doing what you love.

The investment is $495O - Just 2 payments of $25OO


Every 2 weeks you get the new topic or part of the business plan we will be covering. Then you do your research and report back to the group. This allows you to still be working or go at your own pace.

2x month the group works together to get everyone up to speed, as a group share strategies, review what you have learned about your area, and continue adding to your plan. Get my one on one advice and feedback on your progress.


Here is just a short list of the topics covered in the course.

  • How does kitchen remodeling work? (what are the steps)
  • Business plan prep (what you must do to be a success)
  • How to develop an effective and sustainable marketing plan
  • How to setup your business with licenses, permits, etc….
  • Explore your new business name, brand and selling strategy
  • Best ways to get fabulous clients and lots of referrals
  • Help with using HOUZZ to get lots of exposure
  • How to locate and negotiate the best vendors in your area
  • Best ways to design your clients’ kitchens and make sure they “fall in love” with your services
  • How to manage multiple projects at one time and not lose your mind

And as if that isn't enough to blow your mind with excitement, we are also bringing in several special guest speakers to talk about the specific trade, skill and knowledge. Examples include interior decorators, tile, electricians, plumbers, cabinet makers all here to help you know what to do and serve your clients the best.

Personally taught by successful kitchen remodeler, Camille Finan, find out why women are perfectly positioned to have a competitive advantage in this specialized industry. Easily compete against men and win clients with ease and confidence. Transform your life by helping other women not get ripped off, feel empowered and knowledgeable and have fun designing with your clients.





Who is this program for?

  • working and stay at home moms
  • professional women seeking a more fulfilling and creative career
  • those looking to drive their own ship and be independent
  • those that love design, building, helping transform clients’ lives